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We are glad to introduce the WarPack - modpack for the World of Tanks game.

The modpack contains:

- smart modified autoaim, that can track a target behind obstacles and highlight its contour. Also, it doesn't aim at the center of the vehicle, but at (preprogrammed) vulnerable spots. Oh, and it also calculates the speed of the target and aims in front of it to compensate (pre-aim)
-  automatic fire extinguisher/repair, a script that triggers the repair/extinguish automatically as soon as it happens
- removes any aim circle jerking (contrary to he official version, there is no jerk even when you get rammed)
- counterarty hack that puts a red dot on the spot enemy arty just fired from
- sixth sense mod that replaces the perk (if you don't have it), it shows you not only you are targetted but also who's targetting you
- artymode for tanks and TDs, snipermode for arty (with the artymode you can fire HE shells accross the map with a regular tank)
- tracerhack (visible and color tracers)
- a mod showing on minimap where trees fell or buildings got destroyed ("ideal for field commanders")
- a mod that removes ALL vegetation and "binoculars" in sniper mode
- laser pointer mod
- a free camera mod
- enemy reload timer
- white wrecks
- fire burst mode
- extended zoom in sniper mode