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We are glad to introduce the WarPack - modpack for the World of Tanks game.

The modpack contains:
The mod hides/ displays the trees and bushes on the battlefield. It is possible to hide only the crowns of the trees leaving the displaying of the trunks.
It's the improved auto-aim with intellectual abilities. It allows, in contrast to the standard automatic sight of the game, to capture the objective behind the obstacles and see their outlines behind the shelters. It's allows to aim at places with very thin armor and to fire with the pre-emption at moving targets. The shooting with the pre-emption is the main feature of this mod and is intended to cause damage to the fireflies (the light tanks), and is also indispensable for shooting at moving enemies artillery.
This auto-aim is primarily designed for aiming and shooting at stationary and slow-moving targets. It has the similar auto-aiming mode of the warning of the firing on the \"Fireflies\"(the lightweighted tanks which are used for intelligence) like the \"Vanga\" has. By default the another mode of pre-emption is turned on, but it can be changed to the mode of \"like Vanga\". A feature of this auto-aim is that it takes into account the type of the charged projectile and performs calculations according to the places where the projectile can penetrate the enemy tank. The percentage of the learning (of firing) of the enemy tank is shown on the markers of the enemies’ tanks. This percentage is shown in the dark square at the marker. The normal percentage is about 30 and above. When you play using the artillery, this percentage does not matter, because in this case your auto rifle scope is always aiming at the center of the tank. Enemy's tanks outside the area of direct visibility (i.e. they are not visible in the sniper scope) are drawn by a green color. The ones that are in the area of direct visibility are circled in a red colour and the icon with the eye appears on their marker. The tank which is in the rifle scope if it's in the area of the direct visibility and it can be shooted is also circled in a red colour. Otherwise the tank is encircled in a green colour. A special indicator in the form of a circle duplicates such indication. A type of capturing the target is selected in the settings and allows you to select one of several options which is the most suitable for the user. Holding down the keys of capturing the target for a long time when the target has been already captured during the game when playing on a tank or anti-tank self-propelled gun will be the switching to the sniper mode and the maximum approximation to the target will be turned on. This can be useful when you are capturing a distant target. In a similar situation when holding down the key of capturing during the play by artillery will start the mode of slow-moving of the scope onto the target. This mode can be useful when the enemy \"plays the swing\" and thereby causes the rifle scope to turn on the pre-emption and first move forward to the tank and then sharply back, making by this a large dispersion. By slow movement of the sight - it will be move with some constant speed that will help to smooth out the pulls of the pre-emption. With the appearance of this mod many players complained to its joint work with the auto-aim Vanga so we had to do the following: at the time of downloading mods it should be ALWAYS turned off. Thus inconveniences for the users who do not want to use this mod do not arise at all. But when the first parameter in the mod options has been turned on, you can make that mod to be turned on always. By default, when downloading mods the auto-aim Vanga is active, but to switch to this auto rifle scope you should press F12. And vice versa, if you need to switch to auto-aim Vanga you should to press F12 again. It is preferable that at this moment the target of the automatic sight was removed from the mode of capturing.
The automatic repair of a tank modules, the treatment of the crew, the firefighting. It triggered immediately or with some delay, which is specified in the settings, so that no one has determined that the repair, firefighting or the treatment are started automatically. All operations are triggered only if the correct consumables are set on this tank. For firefighting is necessary the manual fire extinguisher. For the repairing is needed the small repair kit. For the treatment of the crew is needed a small first aid kit. In battle you can turn on/off the repairing/ the treatment of certain modules or crew members by clicking on Ctrl+1...Ctrl+9. Ctrl+0 - enables/disables the automatic firefighting in a battle.
The mod displays the beam from the barrel of a gun of the enemy, indicating the direction of the barrel on the battlefield. This mod is very useful in cases when the enemy hides behind a cover and took the aim at the place of your departure from the shelter. Or when an enemy tank is located at a great distance from yours one and there is no physical possibility to see the direction of the barrel of his gun.
This mod displays fallen trees and the destroyed objects (buildings, fences, etc.) with the help of a special mark on the minimap.
This mod for undetected enemies puts a mark on the battlefield and on the minimap indicating the place of the shot. On the battlefield there are two variants of displaying the machinery. The first option in the form of a sphere and the second is in the form of the machinery.
The mod allows you to determine the approximate location of enemy artillery at the moment of shooting at your allies. The more allies you can see on the screen, that is, the more markers of the machinery of your allies you can see on the screen - the more chances to detect the enemy's artillery when it shoots at you or to the visible allies. The allies that are only visible on the minimap will not be able to help you to detect the enemy's artillery. Sometimes the enemy artillery is displayed in the air or on the building or at the mountain. This is due to the error of calculations of the detected location because of the presence of such surface roughnesses around the enemy artillery or allies on which it falls. In the case of detection of the shot of the enemy artillery on the screen will be displayed the proper indicator (lamp) and on the minimap will appear the mark with the location of the enemy. On the mark will be displayed the name of the machinery and the time before its reloading. The time of reloading of the cassette/ reel artillery will be displayed by the time of reloading of the full reel. You can select 2 types of the displaying of machinery which is found on the battlefield. In the old variant it will be displayed in the form of a cube and in the new variant - in the form of the machinery itself.
It displays on markers of the enemy tanks the process of reloading their guns in the form of a rectangular or circular indicator. And also it displays the time remaining before the reloading.
This mod displays the value of the strength of an ally/ the enemy in the time of the last detection of this machinery on the battlefield. You can configure two options of the displaying of strength: the 1st one -is for the full displaying of the remaining strength and the 2nd variant -is for the abbreviated display.
It's a pseudo-substitute of the skill (the perk) the sixth sense. In the case when the barrel of the enemy is aimed on your tank -the mod displays the direction of this enemy and reports the parameters of the enemy.
The displaying of the opponents which were departed from the lighted territory or which are visible on the minimap only. The mod displays the enemy tank on the last place of its location at the moment of departing from the lighted territory,colouring the hull of the tank in the specified color. Or this mod can display the technique which is visible only on the minimap.
The mod which makes the sky black.
The mod denotes the place of hitting your projectile at the enemy machinery by a special marker and leads a counter of hitting through all the undetected machinery. It's useful when shooting through the bushes, for the determination if the enemy is behind them or not. Also it's useful when shooting at the place where the enemy was gone from the sight. If the marker appears in that place where the enemy was gone from the sight - so he is still there. If it's not displayed it means to shoot in the place is useless.
the disabling of the shaking for ALL the tanks at EVERY mode
It allows you to extend the level of the zoom in the sniper mode of the aiming.
This mod paints the hulls of destroyed tanks in white. This color helps to see the exposed parts of the enemies who hide behind the destroyed machinery.
The mod indicates the direction of the enemy's attack with a hit in your tank. It allows you to determine an approximate location of the enemy. The mod draws a blue beam coming out of your tank and directed toward where the shot had been made.
The mod displays a circle of the specified radius around the tank. It is useful when you need to position the tank at a predetermined distance (usually 15 meters) from the bushes or trees so that when you shot your tank is not visible to enemies. It for artillery in the artillery aiming mode - displays the maximum possible radius of detection of the tracers of enemy artillery.
The artillery mode for standard tanks, anti-tank artillery self-propelled machinery and the sniper mode for the artillery self- propelled machinery.
This mod improves the displaying of tracers shots. Modified tracers are repeated several times and are painted in different colors for better perception.
Mod displays the damaged modules on the markers of the enemy tanks. Compulsory requirements for this mod are the upgraded skill \"Expert\" and the line of direct sight between the barrel of your tank and the enemy. In other words, the mod will display the damaged modules of the enemy if the enemy is partially or fully visible in the sniper mode. And it is not required to switch into the sniper mode. When the enemy can completely or partially be seen only in the arcade mode, for example, the enemy hid behind a hill and is visible in the arcade mode, but in the sniper mode it is not visible, then the mod will NOT display the damaged modules of the enemy.